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Color Pairing: Teal and Cerulean

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under the sea: teal and cerulean

When I was deciding on what type of blazer or cardigan to pair with a blue dress from J.Crew, I went with something a little bolder than a neutral color: my sequin-embellished cardigan from the GAP that I've kept for years.

I've already had women at the station say that the pairing reminds them of the beach, and it's true: nature's own perfect color pairings can be the best inspiration for putting colors together in an outfit. If an underwater photo of the ocean is enviable, why not steal from nature a bit and make a splash with a bold, colorful outfit?

All it takes is the pairing of teal and cerulean, a fancy but wonderful word for a striking, royal ocean blue. Add in some simple, nude shoes (sand, anyone?) and you'll be an ocean right in the middle of the Midwest.


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Lansing, MI

E at 5 mph

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