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Exercise Pick: Spinning

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In the last year or so, I've gotten really into spinning classes. After trying it out a couple of times at the MAC, I committed to buying spin shoes that clip into the bikes and padded shorts to ease the pain and discomfort of the bike seats.

When I got my job at FOX 47, I wasn't able to attend the 10AM classes I had grown accustomed to during the week at the MAC, and fell off the wagon a bit.

Still, when I visited my friend Jen in New York, one of the things I most wanted to do was go to a Soul Cycle class. After listening to my favorite XM radio show Wake Up with Taylor talk about it constantly, I was dying to try it. Soul Cycle has 45 minute classes in a small room lit by candlelight.

They are all about the meditative experience along with a kick-butt cardio workout and intervals of strength training while on the bike.

My friend Jen was a great sport and went along for the ride with me, so to speak. And it was all that I had hoped for, leaving me excited but also disappointed that Soul Cycle isn't in Michigan.

Aside from that class, it had been months since I did a spin class - that is, until last week. I'm re-committing myself to attending at least one spin class a week in addition to the Zumba classes I love. Last week's class was OK - getting back in the saddle, literally.

But last night's class was transformative. The instructor was the perfect mix of good natured and yet ready to push us further than we thought we could go. The intervals were quick and tough, and there would be spurts of four minute sprints and five minute climbs.

But the best part: his music ROCKED.

It honestly felt like the instructor had borrowed my iPod for the class. Throughout the hour, he played some of my favorite songs from my favorite artists: "From Where I'm Standing" by Schuyler Fisk (also known as Kristy Thomas in the Babysitter's Club movie), "If I Had Eyes" by Jack Johnson, "Firecracker" by Ryan Adams, "Interstate Love Song" by Stone Temple Pilots, and the live version of "Grey Street" by Dave Matthews Band.

The music makes such a different for me in a group fitness class, and to have so many favorites to listen to helped the class be more enjoyable. It also distracted me from the fact that the class was super tough.

I'm definitely planning on attending this instructor's classes whenever I can on Thursdays. I've found a new love for spin class after my several-month hiatus.

Plus, according to LiveStrong, you can burn hundreds of calories in a 60 minute spinning class. In a vigorous class, a person weighing 155 pounds could burn up to 736 calories!


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