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Carrie Bradshaw's Apartment Sells for $9.8 Million

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I'm an encyclopedic fan of HBO's Sex and the City, having watched and rewatched its six seasons innumerable times. I'll admit that I wasn't a fan from the very beginning, but then again I was about 12 or 13 years old when the series began.

Still, once delving into the series in my senior year of high school and subsequently devouring it in my early college years, it became quite an obsession. I've gone as far as deciding which character I am - the writer and vintage lover in me points to Carrie, yet there are traces of Charlotte in my brunette locks and affinity for classic 60s silhouettes.

When I planned a trip to visit my best friend Jen in New York in the winter of 2008, I knew that one of my top destinations would be to find Carrie's brownstone. Several Google searches later, we made our way to Perry Street in the West Village and found a small crowd surrounding the Sex and the City mecca.

A chain and "No Tresspassing" sign was strewn across the railings at the bottom of the steps, but that didn't stop us from sitting on the bottom step and taking some photos.




The brownstone was put on the market in March for $9.65 million, and has already sold for $9.85 million.

When I first heard that the residence was on the market, I fantasized about having the ability to live there, and how fabulous it all would be. But in actuality, it would probably be more of a nightmare than anything.

Sex and the City bus tours once stopped at the brownstone, but they do not list it as a destination anymore. Still, plenty of people know where the brownstone is located and visit it when they are in New York.

It wouldn't be much fun having people constantly outside, taking pictures. But maybe that's the price you pay for living in a place that is a part of pop culture history.

A fabulous part of pop culture history.

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