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Spring Fashion Muse: Mary Tyler Moore as Laura Petrie

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style muse: laura petrie

On a recent trip to J.Crew, I perused the sale racks and happened upon a pair of jade-colored capri pants that were such a fun burst of color. They hit just above the ankle and after trying them on, I felt transported to the early 60s.

These are and will forever be known as my Laura Petrie pants, named fondly after Mary Tyler Moore's character on The Dick Van Dyke Show.

Although my absolute favorite classic TV show growing up was I Love Lucy, I feel like I identify more with brunette Moore and her sweet, funny marriage on the show with Dick Van Dyke.

Because we only had a tease of the summer weather in March and have been subjected to 50 degree days this April, my flouncy summer dresses haven't made their full arrival on the scene. That's what I love about my Laura Petrie capri pants, also known as the J.Crew Cafe Capri: the bare ankle gives just a hint of the warmer weather to come, while I can still layer a cardigan with a blazer as I did today.

While Laura Petrie often wore neutrals - although who could tell with the black and white, really - I love that J.Crew has this capri in a bunch of fun, punchy colors like hot pink, periwinkle, yellow, and even patterns.

Now if only I could get my hair to look like hers...


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