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Dress Like Betty from 'Mad Men'

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live like joan, dress like betty


I'm a huge fan of Mad Men, and I have to admit that much of my love for the show stems from the fact that the clothes are pure eye candy. Although I feel that I can relate more to Peggy, and adore Christina Hendricks as Joan, I can't help but covet the closet of one former Mrs. Betty Draper, now Mrs. Betty Francis.

Hers is the kind of closet I've attempted to replicate with various trips to my favorite vintage stores in the Metro Detroit area, so the fact that Banana Republic collaborated with the show to do a line inspired by the characters, well... it's the best of both worlds. No contending with finicky, 50-year-old zippers and delicate fabric.

There's nothing like the real thing, but if anything, it makes me happy that I won't like as though I've come into the future from my 60s girly dress land without any sense of the 21st century.

I fell in love with all of the Betty designs from Banana Republic, especially this punchy hot pink taffeta dress. It's the perfect dress to wear to a wedding or other celebration.

So while Joan inspires me to have more gumption, with her quiet confidence and sharp tongue, my fashion inspiration remains that icy blonde Betty.

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