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Easy Hair Tip: Crimpy Waves from French Braids

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Maybe it's because I've become obsessed with The Hunger Games and am experiencing a withdrawal now that I'm done with the books, or the fact that I've been growing my hair out for the last couple of years, but I've really gotten into braiding my hair.

Growing up without sisters and sporting a short bob, I never really learned how to braid my hair very well - let alone French braiding. Forget about it. I loved having friends do pigtail braids for me at my all-girls middle school. These girls had braiding skills.

Even though the basic idea behind French braiding is something I've been able to grasp, it's much different trying to braid my own hair versus braiding someone else's hair.

Still, The Hunger Games has gotten me in touch with my braidy side, not to mention the complicated hairstyles on Game of Thrones, so with my hair long and my mind open, I've been watching tutorials on YouTube and finally learning the tricks of the trade.

Accomplishing a single French braid down the back of my head is still beyond my skill level, but French-braided pigtails are finally in my wheelhouse.

Yesterday evening I did the braids before my ceramics class, and as an experiment I decided to leave them in overnight to see what might happen by morning. I let the braids get a little damp in the shower, sprayed on some hairspray, and carefully unraveled them before leaving for work.

The result? Crimpy, soft waves, with nary a curling iron in sight!

I love that this technique gives more of a soft wave instead of the crunchy stiffness that can happen when using curling mousse or gels.

In the future, I'm going to experiment more with braiding my hair after it has been washed, with just a hint of product in it, to see more-defined results.

But if these results can happen with dry, clean hair, I can only imagine what could happen with a little more effort.

I often part my hair to one side, so I kept it that way when I did my French-braided pigtails.

After taking out the braids this morning, I pinned part of the top section back to add more height and body to the roots.

I love this technique because it can be done with just about any length of hair, from a shoulder-length bob to my length and beyond.

This was from my freshman year in college, when a friend in the dorms French braided my short hair while it was wet.

The next day, I had full, kinky waves that lasted for hours.

Plus, it is much more comfortable to sleep on braids than it is to sleep with your hair in small buns (also something I've tried) or in curlers.

And there's nothing like being able to have one less thing to worry about in the morning.

 So practice your French braiding, because fun, crimpy waves could be only a night's sleep away.

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