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"On My Own" on 'Dawson's Creek'

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Dawson's Creek
is a sentimental favorite TV series. The show's early years aligned with mine in high school, so let's just say I was among the key demographic.

The first season saw Joey Potter, played by a fresh-faced Katie Holmes, coping with her growing feelings for best friend Dawson Leery, in the midst of new-to-the-neighborhood beautiful and blonde Jen Lindley taking Dawson's heart away.

The episode entitled "Beauty Contest" is one of my all-time favorites in the series, because it's the moment Dawson sees Joey as something more than a friend. She is glammed up, but still vulnerable under the spotlights.

Her rendition of Les Miserables "On My Own" is a screecher, but it works because of her emotion, body language, and delivery. I love how she glances up at Dawson offstage during key lines of the song.

I'm seeing Les Mis at the MSU Wharton Center tonight, and all I can think about is this heartbreaking, tender scene from my favorite sappy WB show of yesteryear.

I'll always be Team Jawson (or Doey, whichever you prefer), and this "On My Own" scene is a pivotal moment in their ongoing love story.

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