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App Obsession: Draw Something

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I'm known to be a competitive freak when it comes to playing games... let's just say that I can relate to Monica on FRIENDS pretty easily, especially in the episode with the quiz game.


And that being said, I'm pretty good at games, especially think-on-your-feet games like Catch Phrase, Taboo, Cranium, and Pictionary. My family makes it a rule that my husband and I can't be on the same team because it would be unfair to the other team(s) - we're just on that same, goofy wavelength with plenty of inside jokes and references to pull from.

One thing that can be difficult about games is having enough people to play - that is, enough people willing to play, as enthusiastic and crazy about playing games as everyone else. But the beauty of things like phone/tablet apps is that games can be played on the go, across town, or even across the world.

Enter my new favorite app, Draw Something. It is what Words with Friends did for Scrabble enthusiasts. Essentially, Draw Something is a Pictionary concept that offers you the chance to play against Facebook friends who also have the app, or even a complete stranger.

Three words are offered up, each with a coin value - the more difficult the word, the more coins available to win if the person guesses it correctly.

The game helps by giving only a select number of letters to choose from and fill in the blanks, Wheel of Fortune/hangman style.

In the days since I've downloaded and played the game, I've had to draw and guess everything from Lady Gaga to an Eskimo to the color green (somewhat difficult when the only colors offered on the free version are primary colors and black).

One fun aspect of the game is that it lets you watch the other player guess the word as it is being drawn - sometimes it takes a few seconds, and sometimes it takes a few minutes.

Around 35 million people are playing this game - that's a lot of people who are totally addicted.

The Huffington Post recently posted The Best and Worst Drawings of Madonna, another word I had to draw recently.


The app can be downloaded for free, but the full version only costs 99 cents. I downloaded the free version just to test it out (there are a lot of 'flash in the pan' apps I've paid for that I wish I didn't... T Pain autotune app, anyone?), but now I want to buy the regular version. If anything, it'll get me a wider color palette to expand my artistic ability via finger on an iPhone.

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