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'Mad Men' - Megan's Flirty "Zou Bisou Bisou"

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I have come to know and love Mad Men for its use of music in the series, oftentimes with perfect, non-genre specific choices in the final credits. In many cases, the scenes with music are among the most memorable of the series.

There has been an offensive musical performance (Roger Sterling in blackface, anyone?), a heartbreaking one with Joan singing and playing the accordion to entertain her husband's colleagues, and a rousing Charleston performance by Pete and Trudy.

So as we watched the season five premiere of Mad Men last night, I should have expected another memorable musical moment. But boy did Megan, Don's new wife, deliver.

Her awkwardly flirty performance of "Zou Bisou Bisou", from her wide-leg stance in a black mini to her coy, over-the-shoulder glance, has become an instant classic. You can tell Don is mortified. I was mortified watching it, but I couldn't stop watching it. And now I can't get the little ditty out of my head.

For a two-hour premiere with plenty to talk about, this Monday morning Mad Men watercooler moment has to be our dear sweet Megan's turn as an overconfident French chauntress.

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