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How to Wear that Sundress to Work

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how to wear that sundress to work

One of my favorite things about Target is their Go International collaborations with high-end designers. What can be tough about them though is that many people scoop up the clothes only to sell them on eBay at huge mark-ups, defeating the purpose of being able to score great deals on designer merchandise.

Proenza Schouler was one of the first designers to collaborate with Target, and there was one dress in particular that I loved. But there were issues - first off, the clothes flew off the shelves, leaving hardly anything by the time I went to see them. And secondly, many reviewed that the dress was difficult to wear - it has very defined cups at the top, with structured underwire and an underwear-as-outerwear style. I was concerned about buying the dress online because of what the reviews said.

Still, the dress stuck in my mind for about a year. So when Target announced last summer that they were re-releasing some of the best sellers from previous Go International collaborations, I was super excited. Perhaps I'd finally be able to try on the dress in-store and see what I was working with.

To my surprise, our local Target's racks were stuffed with the best-of dresses, including the purple Proenza Schouler. After trying it on, I realized that the issue of the top could be fixed by layering a tank top underneath. That way, it doesn't matter if the dress shows more than desired.

I got a lot of wear out of the dress last summer, and on a foggy but springy March day like today, it seemed only appropriate to dust the thing off and wear it to work.

To be more covered up, I wore a sleeveless, high-neck black tank and my open-front black cardigan, as well as black leggings. It lets the dress stand out on its own, but also tones down the overall look.

I think these add-ons could be made with many other sundresses during this transitional period of weather, until we really get into the thick of summertime.

Happy sundress weather to all my sundress lovers!

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