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Rock Me Amadeus with a Ruffle-Neck Shirt

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There's something so equestrian and yet also so Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart-like about a white ruffled shirt. And yes, of course, there's also Jerry's puffy shirt on Seinfeld.

And while none of these things seem to fit along with my typical fashion aesthetic, I couldn't resist the opportunity to get a Ralph Lauren ruffle-neck blouse at the Tanger Outlet in Howell last year.

For $20, all of my puffy shirt dreams could come true!

It seemed like the perfect choice to wear to today's sales presentation I attended at the Lansing Center to up the professional attire quotient.

Yet, in order to keep it in line with my other clothing items, I needed to somehow tone down the snooty frivolity of it all by wearing it with things that are appropriately me: namely, leopard print and a hot pink watch.

It was the middle of fall when I got my shirt, so I'm already dreaming of ways that I can wear it with summery skirts, light jean capris and my ridiculously 90s Kelly Kapowski cropped denim jacket.

I'm learning to branch out a bit with outfits and not be worried about one particular style or brand mixing in with others.

Some of the most fun moments of fashion and getting dressed in the morning is when completely unrelated items of clothing come together for an outfit that, as a sum of all parts, makes sense.

What fun it is to have a mild day to kickstart the month of March. We're just weeks away from the first day of spring and from there it's a piece of spongy summer cake.

So rock it like Amadeus, sisters.


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