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Ready to Leap into Spring

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Longing for Spring


Possibly one of the cruelest tricks of fashion and living in a cold climate is that the new spring and summer offerings have been pushed into stores even before the last holiday season clearance items are off the racks. Why buy cute dresses and summer accessories when it feels like the warm weather will never get here?

Yet just imagining the sun on bare shoulders and swing of skirts tips the scale towards scooping up girly, summer clothes in anticipation of the season.

I've had this navy dress with green polka dots from Banana Republic hanging up in my closet for the last couple months, and I'm anxious to be able to wear it out once the weather gets better.

On this Leap Day, my mind has already lept to the grand idea of a spring day. Though it will come with rain and possible thunder storms, Friday's projected forecast of 50+ degrees makes me all the more hopeful.

I jumped on Polyvore and created this collage with my Banana dress. A trench coat, nude shoes, and pale pink pashmina add the sweetly spring touches to a dress that could also go very bold with deep reds as accents. I bought a white shell ring when I was in Florida after Thanksgiving, and I love it - it's large like a cocktail ring, but isn't heavy or overly glammed up with gemstones.

With it already being March tomorrow, I can't help but think that everything is downhill from here - it's staying lighter later, the first official day of spring is just weeks away, and I know that Michigan has some super-fantastic-out-of-the-blue-gorgeous days up her sleeve.

And when she lets them out, I'll be ready with a trench and a girly dress to welcome in the season properly.


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