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The Great Paczki Guilt-Trip Party

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Last night, after a rather energetic and productive class of Zumba at the helm of instructor extraordinaire Stephanie, I did the exact opposite of what should normally be done in those circumstances: I stopped at our local Quality Dairy and picked up a box of Paczki.

Normally after that hard but fun work at the gym, the last thing I want to do is undo all that was accomplished just moments before. But Mardi Gras isn't a normal, everyday occurence. At least, that's what I keep telling myself.

Will indulging in one (or two) Paczki over the course of a couple days really undo everything that is done the rest of the week? Isn't it all about moderation anyway?

As long as I don't fall into the trap of "well this morning/day/week is shot, I might as well go all-out and worry about it next week!", what's a Paczki once a year, really?

And as a Catholic, I'll be spending the next several weeks cutting back on those little indulgences until Easter anyway, maybe even beyond. I understand the food guilt, and the need to be accountable and not let calories creep up like little sneaky devils covered in icing and powdered sugar. But after I picked up the box of Paczki for our house and started to feel anxious and worried about how this little hockey puck of a pastry was going to be my undoing, I realized I need to chill out a bit.

Life's too short to be worried about a treat that is eaten once a year. I should be more concerned with the onslaught of the holiday indulgences that seem to start on Halloween and continue through the new year,  not a sweet little Paczki.

So today I had my Oatmeal Squares cereal for breakfast. I'll eat my banana, my apple, my little Fage yogurt, and tonight we'll have leftover turkey chili I made over the weekend. And after that, I'll eat my darn Paczki.

I might regret it just a little bit, but maybe I'll add "feeling regretful" to the list of things I'm giving up for Lent this year.


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