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Going Gaga over The Born This Way Ball

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My first time seeing Lady Gaga was in January of 2010. Since then, I was lucky enough to see her two more times at different venues in Michigan for The Monster Ball tour, which just goes to show how much she busted her butt to tour the world for over a year.

Her concerts are among the best I've ever been to, and mostly because they are more of an event than anything else. It's a night out dancing, dressing up like it was Halloween, singing, and people watching all wrapped into one big party.

My favorite Gaga-inspired outfit was when I saw her for the second time at The Palace of Auburn Hills in September 2010.

I bought an old telephone at Volunteers of America, spray-painted it with silver and glitter paint, and then fashioned a headpiece out of it on a headband.

The spiral cord was also spray-painted and I wrapped it around my neck and down my arm.

The thing that is so fun about a Lady Gaga concert is that there are so many incarnations of her look, so many inspirations to choose from, that the crowd becomes a sea of recognizable Gagas, but each person has a unique take on it.

In what was perhaps a perfect storm of fanaticism and dumb luck, my love and admiration of Lady Gaga also helped make one of my dreams come true: getting tickets to The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Living in Chicago for a year and a half during grad school, I spent much time scouring the Oprah website for last-minute ticket reservations and future show topics so that I could put in for tickets. Still, no matter how often I tried, I never got through on the hotline or a message back from the website.

Fast forward to last April, during the countdown of Oprah's 25th season and its final episodes. Living back in Michigan, I knew I had lost my chance at seeing Oprah. I was watching a chef go over a recipe on her show one day and at the end of the segment, Oprah mentioned that more information would be on her website.

I checked out the website for the first time in months and couldn't find what I was looking for - but what I found was even better. In the potential future topics section, there was this headline: "Are You Lady Gaga's Biggest Fan?" I squealed with glee - I mean, I won't claim to be the biggest superfan on the planet, but this seemed like it was directed right at me at that moment. All I had to do was write about 250 words on why I'm a big Gaga fan - the best part was that I could upload photos as well, so I sent in pictures of myself at each of the three concerts I attended. From a pink wig to my telephone headpiece, how could I lose?

This was on a Friday. Imagine my surprise when I got an email from the Oprah Winfrey Show the following Monday, saying that I was invited to a taping that Friday, April 29th! My mom was going to be out of town, so I immediately called my college friend Michelle, who lives in Chicago, and invited her to go with me. Would the show be all about Gaga? Would they want me to dress up? What adventures were in store?

The show ended up being Oprah's Ultimate Hook-Ups, and featured a ton of great guests including Jessica Simpson and Johnny Depp. Lady Gaga performed "You and I" at the end of the taping.

I'm skimming over the details, but what's most important to note is that without being a fan of Lady Gaga, a fabulous thing like attending one of Oprah's final shows wouldn't have happened.


It's been almost a year since, and her Born This Way album has also been out for what feels like forever, without a tour in sight... until now!

Some of the dates have already been announced for The Born This Way Ball, and rumor has it the U.S. dates will be announced sometime later today.

The wheels are already turning about what type of outfit I can put together, so you bet this Little Monster will be ready to go, whenever I need to be.

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