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Ever since seeing the cover of Lauren Conrad's book, Style, I've coveted the pastry-like bun she's rocking on the top of her head. I've been growing my hair out for a couple of years now, but no amount of hair has afforded me the ability to recreate this look - until now.

I recently joined StumbleUpon, which is similar to the site every girl friend I know is obsessed with (that would be Pinterest), except it's more like the iPod Shuffle version. With the click of a mouse you can stumble upon a variety of web pages based on interests you select during the registration process.

Last week, I stumbled upon a hair trick that is supposed to result in beautiful curls without heat - that would be the sock bun trick. As shown in a variety of tutorials, the sock trick is where you cut the toes off a sock, roll it up into a scrunchie-like ring, and feed the hair of a high ponytail through it to roll it up into a bun. It sounds complicated in text but photos and videos show it to be to relatively easy.

The idea is to dampen hair, do the sock bun, and let it dry overnight to wake up to beautiful curly hair. And while I'd like to try this step of the process sometime soon, I'm most intrigued by the nice, full bun that the sock creates.

This morning I tried it out, and while I could still use some practice and a little finesse, I'm thrilled with the full bun it created: