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Loving: Christopher Plummer's Acceptance Speech

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One of the first films I ever remember watching as a kid was The Sound of Music, and it is still an absolute favorite of mine. Those I've always admired Julie Andrews from the time I was a kid, especially as Mary Poppins, it's taken time to realize how wonderful an actor Christopher Plummer is. And having seen him in other films, including one of my favorites this year (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), I've come to admire him even more as one of our last truly classic and wonderful actors.

Smaller films don't have much shelf life - if any presence at all - in mid-Michigan, so unfortunately I never had the opportunity to see Beginners when it was in the theater. I adore Ewan McGregor and clearly I need to Netflix or purchase the film as soon as possible, because Christopher Plummer's performance has earned him raves ever since it was released.

And now, the urge to see it is even stronger after his win at the Golden Globes - and perhaps even moreso, after his lovely acceptance speech.

He finished with these words:

And lastly, a fair lady called Elaine - my wife of 43 years - whose bravery and beauty haunts me still.

In a year marred with short-lived Kardashian confections, affairs, nasty divorces and the like, it is moments like this that give me a glimpse of true love and an old standard of classy Hollywood.


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