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Can't wait for "Moonrise Kingdom"

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Just yesterday I saw several of my fellow Wes Anderson-loving friends on Facebook posting this just-released trailer for Moonrise Kingdom, the newest from one of my favorite filmmakers.

I adore The Royal Tenenbaums (my husband and I dressed up as Richie and Margot for Halloween one year - you could probably sense that if we love something, we dress up as it for Halloween), and The Fantastic Mr. Fox especially. Wes Anderson's movies always have similar touches to them - I love his close-up shots of notes or books or other little details. The incorporation of animals, the way the colors always feel like you're watching a movie from another era, the snappy voiceover dialogue.

Seeing Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman in the cast is no surprise either - these actors do so well with the quirky characters that appear in these films. The rest of the cast look amazing as well.

I can't wait to be delighted by another Wes Anderson movie.

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