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Getting Organized in 2012

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When we bought our house, the original owner had a craft room in the basement for her children's art projects. The little room has counter space and plenty of shelves. We've used the room for storage of party supplies, and it has also become a gift wrapping station of sorts.

Perhaps it's a 'going green' sort of thing or just because we really don't like spending a lot of money on gift bags and tissue, but we tend to save the gift bags we receive and their contents as well. With our birthdays in September and the influx of Christmas gifts, our little craft room was starting to look like a scene out of Hoarders.

So finally I took it upon myself to use this past weekend, devoid of holiday celebrations and guests and other things to do, to organize that craft room.

Typically I'm not very organized or obsessive about how things are. I enjoy what many classify as 'organized chaos', where things are in disarray, yet I know where everything is anyway.

Still, the organization of these gift bags, some dating back to the year we got married, and the crinkled contents of tissue paper, needed something regimented. And pretty.

Enter color-coordination.

As I stood surrounded by piles of gift bags and mountains of tissue, I decided to organize everything by color. How easy would it be to open a drawer and select the perfect shade for any occasion?! How Martha of us!

And while I cursed myself during the process, I adore the colorful and obsessive result.

Plus, each gift bag deemed resuable was folded nicely and arranged in two large drawers above the tissue drawers, based on size. Need a smaller gift bag for some little token? Open the drawer on the right. Need a larger gift bag? The drawer on the left has dozens.

In the end, I am proud that I created an ordered sense of sanity in what was quite the insanity for several months.

Though it took quite some time, the result - I think - is well worth it.


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