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Rollin' in the Deep (Curls)

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As I started really getting into my own style late in high school and during college, I learned that fashion lesson that many women learn eventually: dress for your body type. Wear what suits you.

Perhaps I learned it earlier than others because I watched a lot of Isaac Mizrahi's old shows, and makeover shows in general, but it seems like such a simple concept.

I've realized that I can't wear shapeless, flowy clothes. And that is because I'm the ultimate pear. And while Hillary Clinton is one of the posterwomen for the pear, I can't bear to put on a matchy pantsuit.

When I went to get measured for a bridesmaid dress for my brother's wedding this August, there was about a 15-inch difference between my waist and my hips/derriere.

So what's a girl in 2012 to do when everything's low-waisted, or mom-jeansesque high-waisted, or giving nods to the mod style of straight and shapeless? Go vintage, of course. I'm talking Elizabeth Taylor, Natalie Wood, June Cleaver - nipped-in waists and flowy skirts.

Now that my closet is full of these 50s/60s fashions, whether authentically so or throwbacks from current stores, I needed something else to complete the look.

That would be the right hair.

Women suffer a lot for beauty nowadays, but in my head I still imagine girls rolling their hair at night and lying stiff as a dead person in bed as to not muss up the curlers. It all seemed so exact, so precise, and the results were gorgeous.

How would I ever be able to do that? I've just begun blowing my hair out with a rounded brush - would I want to set my alarm an extra half hour early in order to get this look I've coveted?

Well, the Babyliss Rollers I received for Christmas have made it all too easy.

Last night I washed my hair and let it air dry. This morning I turned on the rollers and let them heat up while taking our dog Zuzu for a walk. When I got back inside, I set my hair up in the rollers in only about 5-10 minutes - much quicker than I had imagined.

Thankfully, I watched this tutorial on YouTube in order to figure out where to start and how to roll my hair:


Thank goodness I did - otherwise I would have rolled my hair with the rollers parallel to the floor, resulting in a poodle-like concoction of hair on my head. Instead, the trick is to start with the "mohawk" of hair down the center, with the rollers rolling the hair towards the back. Then, the sides are rolled with the rollers perpendicular to the floor, also in a direction that goes towards the back of the head.

After my hair was all set, I went downstairs to eat breakfast, and after about 15 minutes I let out the rollers and sprayed my hair again with hairspray.


Here's the result:



I'm just a retro girl living in a modern world...

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