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The Great Breakfast Run-Around

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There are few things I love more about the going-out-to-eat experience than being able to go out for breakfast. Lingering over endless cups of coffee, munching on toast and either something sweet or savory, depending on the morning - there's nothing like it.

The only problem is that a lot of people love it too. And some of the best places to get breakfast, especially in the Lansing area, are also the smallest restaurants known to man. For example, Golden Harvest outside of Old Town. Yet after learning the tricks of the trade, I've discovered that going to the restaurant at off hours ensures an immediate seating and a more pleasant experience all around.

With family in town this week, we thought it would be the perfect idea to go to Golden Harvest for a late breakfast/brunch, around 11:00a.m. Students are home on holiday break, and the rainy streets have been empty all over the place. Yet imagine the disappointment to arrive at Golden Harvest and see that tell-tale sign on the door, saying that they would be open again on the 1st.

I should have known before even pulling up to the building, considering there were no cars in the vicinity.

Plan B became going to Sawyer's Gourmet Pancake House, which recently announced that they would be closing their location on Saginaw very soon. We thought again that going at such an off time would ensure a quick seating and yummy dining experience. However, pulling up to a line out the door - even with the rain! - meant that we were again out of luck.

Finally, Plan C became a trip to Edmund's in downtown Lansing, which has more of the space and less of the charm of the previous planned breakfast locales. We walked right up to a big cozy booth, drank coffee out of extra-large coffee cups, and were promptly served our breakfast delights. Sure, nothing was as outrageous as Golden Harvest's concoctions promise to be, and we didn't get the satisfaction of having some of the last pancakes served at Sawyer's Saginaw location, but no matter.

There are times when having to settle ends up being the best thing you can do. The coffee was hot, the Motown music just loud enough to enjoy but not overpower, and it was a mighty fine helping of breakfast goods.

Sure, I hope that we'll be geared up enough to brave the possibilities that await us at the Harvest, but until then, we'll always have Edmund's.

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