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Earning my Stars from the 'Bucks

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Our social media intern Marissa gave me a Starbucks gift card for my birthday back in September. And until our company's Broadcast Interactive Product Manager - and Starbucks junkie - came into Lansing to help us in designing areas of the FOX 47 website, I didn't know the importance of registering my gift card on Starbucks's website.

Typically, I use a giftcard for its purpose and then get rid of it. But I learned that by registering my gift card online, it could become a debit card of sorts. I could reload it with funds through a credit card or checking account, to the point where it would automatically reload on a certain date of the month.

And by doing all of that, I could earn enough "stars" to be eligible for a gold card. I didn't know a gold Starbucks card existed, until our visiting colleague tossed his across the conference room table when I offered to make a Starbucks run the following morning.

The best part of the Starbucks gold card: it has your name printed on it.

Perhaps it's the fact that my name is an offshoot of most-commonly spelled version, and that any theme park with personalized souvenirs always uses the "ph" version of my name, but I love it when things have my name on them.

Whether it's personalized jewelry, a business card or even a t-shirt, it feels extra-special when something has my name on it - spelled correctly.

So after I learned about this elusive, secretive Starbucks gold card, it has been my mission to earn enough stars (30 stars, to be exact. 1 drink = 1 star) to have a gold card of my very own. And as I learned from our colleague, there are perks to having a touch of gold:

  • A free birthday beverage.
  • A free drink every 15 stars (drinks).
  • Personalized offers and coupons.

And although I'm not even halfway to my 30 star goal, at 7 stars, I am already considered a Green Level member. At the Green Level, certain syrups and milk choices are free. There are also free refills on brewed coffee or tea during the same visit to a particular store, and a free beverage with a purchase of a 1lb bag of whole bean coffee.


It will take awhile to earn all of my stars, but I am on the hunt for that little piece of gold.

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