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It's Raining Engagements!

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Just about a couple of months ago, I found out that a good friend from high school had gotten engaged to her wonderful boyfriend in the most romantic of ways. Having met when she was at Wellesley and he was at MIT, he arranged for an old professor of hers to invite her to speak to current students.

That way, he could accompany her and take her for a walk around the school's Lake Waban, where there's this legend: walk around the lake with your beau three times, and you'll spend the rest of your life with him. Once they began the walk, my friend had a hunch that he was going to propose. After he did in fact propose to her, he asked if they could go back to the hotel where they were staying instead of heading right out to celebrate.

It turns out that he had his parents and her parents waiting there for them with champagne.


Having been married for over two years - and just far enough away from that day that the stresses and anxieties of wedding planning are all-but-forgotten and all that remains are the fluffy white cream puff memories of the love and excitement that surrounds the entire whirlwind of getting married - I've felt a second-hand high ever since I found out that my friend had gotten engaged.

And that sweet, sugary feeling went into overdrive this past weekend, when two of my other very close girl friends got engaged to their boyfriends.


One of them, a friend since 6th grade (that's about sixteen years, people!), was proposed to on Saturday by her college sweetheart at the top of the ferris wheel at Navy Pier in Chicago with Frank Sinatra in the background. This friend, one of the sweetest and loveliest Disney princess-like ladies I've ever met, is oh-so-deserving of this beautiful time in her life. She was a bridesmaid in my wedding, and as a personal trainer, helped to kick me into gear for a body transformation of a lifetime. It is such a thrill to now be able to support her and love her throughout this exciting time in her life, as she did for me.

And just last night, another dear friend who has found the love of her life was proposed to after making her boyfriend a yummy helping of chicken alfredo. I've known her since college at Michigan State, and she has always been a cheerleader for love. When I was getting married and when her best friend was getting married just months apart, she was a huge supporter. When she began dating her now-fiance, it was easy to see how quickly a bond developed between them. They were perfect for each other. It's now such a thrill to be able to be that person for her, and to celebrate this time with her.



I was the first of my friends to get married, and as more and more friends have been getting engaged and getting married, I've enjoyed being able to share in their joy, to compare notes about venues and flowers and dresses and the whole she-bang, and to be that girl who is going to squeal with glee when I hear the happy news, and when I see that sparkly ring, and when I see the smile on the lucky guys' faces.

Having grown up in the middle of two brothers, my girl friends truly are my sisters. And what a wonderful adventure some of my sisters are about to embark upon.

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