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The Office (UK) Christmas Special

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Here are the final moments of the Christmas Special of The Office. SPOILER ALERT: these are also the final moments of the entire two-season series, so don't watch if you haven't see the series before. Seriously, it's worth watching the 12 episodes leading up to the Christmas Special for one of the best payoffs in a comedy television series. Well, in television period.


When they decided to make an American version of The Office, I was skeptical. And when I watched the Pilot episode and realized it was close to being word-for-word of the UK version's Pilot, I couldn't stick with the series.

I know that millions of people adore the U.S. version of The Office, and have been able to enjoy it for several seasons. But there is nothing like watching the original version. I don't like being the snooty person who prefers the original UK versions of things that get watered down and sent over to the U.S., but I strongly believe it in this case.

The beauty of the UK's Office series is that it leaves you wanting more - much, much more. And while the U.S. version has been able to take storylines further along than the UK version, there's just something about only scratching the surface. Leaving more to the imagination. Giving the audience what they want but, like I said, leave them wanting even more.

The Office is a rollercoaster ride, and the Christmas Special episodes begin on a low that goes lower, and lower, until a surge of happiness and love bursts through.

Don't take my word for it. If you own Netflix, watch it. All of it!!

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