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Grammy Nominations

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The Grammy Award nominations were announced, and I must say the best thing about the nominations is that they reflect a consensus of wildly popular music from the year. Plus, a lot of the music this year was fantastic.

It's great to see Adele get six nominations, although some argue she should have been nominated for much more. It turns out that some of the categories have been streamlined, which accounts for the fact that Adele doesn't have double-digit nominations.

Her album 21 is amongst those vying for Album of the Year. The other nominees in that category are the Foo Fighters Wasting Light, Lady Gaga's Born This Way, Bruno Mars' Doo-Wops & Hooligans, and Rihanna's Loud.

And the thing I love about all of this is that I know these artists, and I'm at least somewhat to mostly familiar with the songs on those albums. They are artists who get radio play, who make great videos, and who got people moving (Rihanna), embracing themselves (Lady Gaga) or crying over a lost love (Adele) this year.

Although popularity amongst the general public doesn't always equate to being a good or even great act (I'll never understand how Creed and Nickelback have sold so many albums), I still get frustrated when there's the highbrow nominee thrown into the mix for the big categories at the Grammys. I'm all for the diversity that the Grammys can represent in its categories.

I love that a jazz artist beat out Bieber for Best New Artist last year, even if I can't remember her name now.

But I think it's possible to be wildly popular AND also win big at the Grammys.

I'm happy that some of my favorite artists will be nominees that night, and will no doubt have stellar performances.


It's going to feel like forever until we get to watch it all unfold on February 12th, but it'll be worth the wait.


Until then, catch this duet of Lady Gaga and Sugarland performing "You and I" at the Grammy Nominations concert:


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