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A Purple Carrot Masterpiece of Lasagna

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At my favorite food trucks around Lansing, there are what I like to call The All-Stars. At Trailer Park'd "Slow" Fast Food, the All-Star would be their Ballin' Ass Tacos. At Grand Grillin, it would be the Cart Favorite.

And The Purple Carrot Truck has been home to many favorites: ones that I'm excited to see on the menu after an extended absence, or new items that rock my socks off. I've been a devoted fan of the carrot cake pops, the B.E.L.T. breakfast sandwich on Saturday mornings, the garlic soup, and many more.

After today's lunch, I can add the butternut squash lasagna, a pillowy, creamy sensation of fall flavors. It's loaded with goat cheese, kale, and for this girl who isn't much of a squash fan, just the right amount of it.

Paired with the truck's signature tossed greens, it was the perfect accompaniment to what has been one of the chilliest days of the year. After enjoying the fresh, crisp salads and sandwiches from the truck throughout the summer, the lasagna shows just how well Purple Carrot has transitioned their menu into the fall and soon-to-be winter seasons.

Part of me is kicking myself for not devoting my week to this luscious lasagna dish. As it is, I'm already planning my next Purple Carrot pilgrimage for tomorrow afternoon, when they'll be up the road on Saginaw Street for most of the afternoon at Horizen Hydrophonics' Open House.

Please, if you want to feel that happy warm feeling of fall amidst our descent into winter, head to The Purple Carrot Truck for a serving of their butternut squash lasagna.

Just make sure you save a slice for me.

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