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My Top Picks for The X Factor

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One of the really fun things about working at FOX 47 has been the excitement surrounding The X Factor. And now that the show is underway, some of us at the office are participating in a Fantasy X Factor friendly competition.

After going over the contestants in my head, I came up with my Top 6, in order of how they will finish in the competition.

It turns out that I've got my chips on Simon Cowell, with all three of his young female contestants in my Top 6 - including the number 1 spot.

While watching last night's live episode of the Top 12, I felt pretty confident about my choices, and I can't wait to see what these contestants do next.

So without further ado, here are my Top 6 picks:


6. Astro. The young rapper is the only contestant from L.A. Reid's group that I think will make it far into the show. Marcus Canty is very talented, but I don't know if he has the sizzle the way many of the other contestants do. And Chris Rene's so-so performance last night has me thinking that he'll be packing his bags and leaving tonight.

Here's Astro's performance from last night:


5. Rachel Crow. This girl is just so darn cute. Part of me is wondering if I should have had her finishing higher up in the competition, but no matter what this girl has a future ahead of her. Watching her perform last night, it's clear that she'll have a show on Disney, a clothing line, an acting career, whatever she wants to do, as L.A. Reid keeps saying.

Here's Rachel's performance from last night:


4. Drew. Again, this girl is likeable. Her voice is distinctive and mature for a 14-year-old girl. Part of me wonders if she should have been higher on my list, but it's tough to say what the general voting public will think of her. There's a ton of talent in the competition, but she definitely belongs in the Top 6. I'm always excited to see what she'll do next.

 Here is Drew's performance from last night:


3. Josh Krajcik. One of the biggest surprises from the auditions, Josh has a distinctive voice that the judges love. He's consistent and creates moments with his performances. I feel like America always loves an underdog, and this Burrito-slinger turned superstar singer fits the bill. Josh wasn't my favorite last night - I prefer him doing the whole Joe Cocker, soulful thing - but I'm sure he'll be going far in the competition.

Here is Josh's performance from last night:


2. The Stereo Hogzz. After their amazing performance last week to get into the Top 12, The Stereo Hogzz and Paula did it again with their version of Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation". I think that these guys have it all, and in working with Paula, will constantly evolve and elevate their performances.

Here's The Stereo Hoggz's performance from last night:


1. Melanie Amaro. The girl that Simon Cowell so wrongly let go in choosing his four contestants, then brought back in dramatic fashion, is the one to beat in the competition. Her audition gave me the chills, and I almost threw something at my TV when Simon let her go before the live shows. Now that she's back, she's back with a vengeance. I typically prefer the offbeat contestants, like Drew and Rachel, but Melanie's talent is undeniable. Her performance of "Desperado" set her apart from the rest, and I hope to see her go all the way to the end.

Here's Melanie's performance from last night:


So what do you think - who did I leave out? Who will make it to the top?

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