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Top 5 Baby Products You'll Actually Use

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As I mentioned in my last blog, I'm a new mom - but I've learned a lot these first three months.  From what works best for my daughter, to saving money, to downright are my top five baby products that you will actually use.  All are mommy tested (by me), and baby approved!  Some of these I actually use myself (well not the diapers, but you probably got that!).

1.  Aquaphor Healing Ointment.  Hands down, best all around product.  I use this for chapped cheeks and chins, in the folds of her neck where she gets what I call "Milk Neck", where the milk drips down and gets in between the chubby rolls in her neck and smells AWESOME, not.  I've also used this as a diaper rash cream and on her head for a bit of "cradle cap".  I've even used this on my own hands after washing a million bottles and my hands were as dry as the Sahara!  LOVE this product!  It is a bit greasy, but it works magic.  Just keep it out of baby's eyes. This one's pricey, but a tube will last you a really long time, and like I said, IT WORKS!

2.  Original Sprout Hair & Body Babywash.  I came across this while I was at my own hair salon months before baby girl arrived.  I fell in love with the brand, and the smell, so of course I had to get it.  Original Sprout uses only the safest, soothing, organic and natural ingredients.  They have an entire line of products, of which I fully intend to test out all of them.  I'm really looking forward to their SPF line for this summer!

3.  Burt's Bees Baby Bee Lotion.  I don't use lotion all the time on miss baby, but when I do, I like something with little to no scent and natural.  This is 99% all natural and easy to use with the pump bottle.  It has a nice light scent and no harsh ingredients or chemicals.  Plus, it's another one that us  moms can use too :)

4.  A&D.  You know it, you've seen it, your mother probably used it.  It's been around for decades for a reason - IT WORKS.  This was a recommendation from a friend/mommy.  Now, baby girl has not had a diaper rash (knock on wood), but maybe that's because I use this at EVERY diaper change.  Moms - don't wait until your little one has a diaper rash, prevent it!  Oh, and go ahead and buy the big tub of it.

5.  Up&Up Diapers.  Here's a budget saver.  These Target diapers rock!  Soft, absorbent, and cheap...enough said!

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