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New Baby Must-Haves

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New Baby Must-Haves
I'm a new mom.  Will I try anything to make my baby happy?  Almost.  I've now survived the first three months with my daughter...and let me tell you...they were three of the best, hardest, most wonderful, challenging months I've ever encountered.  The best resource is other moms, and a few of these were recommendations from friends that are also moms.  Today I'm bringing you my top 4 items that have made life as a new mom a bit easier.  I've got more of my top items, which I'll be sharing soon!
1.  Fisher Price Rock 'n Play.  Hands down the most versatile item.  She not only lays in here while I cook/clean/go to the bathroom...but we used this as her "bassinet" for the first 2 months, she slept in it right next to our bed.  She has now transitioned to her crib, but we still use this everyday.  It's easy to move from room to room, and upstairs to downstairs.  We even bring it when we travel!  LOVE this thing.  It even has a vibrate option.  My only complaint is having to use two hands and a leg to get the thing to fold in half for travel/storage. But I rarely do that, so it's not a deal-breaker for this mom!
2.  Wubbanub.  At first I was against pacifiers...until day two in the hospital when all I needed was a few seconds of quiet time :) LOL.  For one of my showers, a family member had given us the Little Lamb Wubbanub Pacifier, which we so affectionately call "LuLu".  It's the best.  It stays in place when she spits it out (ie: doesn't go rolling down and falling on the floor).  And now that she is starting to realize she can hold things with her hands, she holds on to LuLu.  We love it so much, I had my mom in Chicago track down two more as "back-ups" just in case something happens to LuLu.
3.  Halo SleepSack Swaddle.  Swaddling. Is. Amazing.  Let me just start by saying that.  But trying to fold the blanket like some origami project is not.  Enter in the baby straight jacket...just kidding, although the hubs and I do call it that :)  Baby girl loves to sleep in the Halo Swaddle Sleep Sack and she sleeps 8-9 hours a night.  We started using this very early on and have it in a few different fabrics.  Right now she's using the fleece one and the micro-fiber one from Pottery Barn Kids (a good friend gave it to her as a gift, it even has her name embroidered on it!).  She also has the basic cotton ones too.  As you can see, we love it...and we LOVE sleep!  It's so easy to use, I do it in the dark half asleep too.  No mathematical equation or ancient folding techniques needed!
4.  Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine.  Did I mention I LOVE sleep.  Since birth, we've been using the "white noise" sound and it seems to work great.  Like I mentioned above, baby girl sleeps 8-9 hours a night.  Our daycare also uses a white noise machine in the nursery, so she feels at home while at daycare.  It has a few other "sounds" and a great night light.  Not too bright, but bright enough for diaper changes.  The other cool thing is you can hook it up to your iPod!  It's got an adapter right in the bottom. This will come in handy when she's a bit older and wants to hear some lullaby songs.  We already have a play list going on our iPod that we use downstairs and even in the car.


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