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How to Create a Baby Pumpkin

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Last night was hubby and my night for carving pumpkins.  We usually do this more than a day ahead of Halloween, however this year, time has gotten the best of both of us...all of our focus has been on preparing and planning for baby to arrive!

Which actually brings me to my post today.  I wanted to create something special for our "soon-to-be" bundle of joy - and bought a pumpkin especially for her.  I have been thinking for quite sometime on what I wanted to create for her and came up with this:

I was searching through all of our gift bags and bows and first found the curly cue ribbon which I made into her hair (pig tails!).  I then found a random piece of pink ribbon and the pinwheel, all of which was re-used from gifts we've received for baby girl.  We have also received a million pacifiers, so I dug through those and found the perfect one!  Last, was the eyes...what to do.  I knew I didn't want to "carve" this pumpkin, but I wanted something cute and sweet, so I just grabbed a sharpie and drew some closed eyes and of course eyelashes!  Viola!  Lil Baby Pumpkin was born.

Here's a list of what you need.  However, use what you have around your house and make it your own!

1.  Ribbon

2.  Gift wrapping accessories (pin-wheel, curly cues, etc.)

3.  Pacifier

4.  Tape

5.  Drill (to make the hole for the pacifier to stick in)


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