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Millin' Around

Time is ticking away

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It's been a while since giving a pregnancy update, so let's chat, shall we?

Sleeping is becoming more difficult, and I would die without my boppy body pillow!  I toss and turn a lot and need to pee about 2-3 times every night, never fails.
Bending over is getting harder and harder. 

I never realized how much I used my abs until they were gone and I tried to get off the couch - but couldn't. 


My legs are feeling more like tree trunks these days.  Ugh!

I am still teaching my Zumba classes (4 days, 6 classes per week)  Which I feel is quite an accomplishment at 33 weeks.

Baby girl is moving around a lot and doing her own version of Zumba in my belly along with some strong punches and kicks. And I love them all!

It's wild to think that October is the last full month that hubby and I will just be a "twosome". 

I passed my glucose tolerance test! I actually scored really low, so they tell me my body can process a large amount of sugar! LOL, which is good considering I can't get enough of Twizzlers lately. 

I feel truly blessed to have had two wonderful showers, both in Michigan and in Illinois.  I can't begin to describe how touching everything was and how loved we feel!  Here are some pics from last weekend in Illinois and the amazing diaper cake my best friend Lynn (seen in last picture) made:


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Lansing, MI

S at 6 mph

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