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Prenatal Massage Works Wonders

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Yesterday marked the first (of now many) prenatal massage appointments.  I have been a longtime fan of massages, yes, I'm a girl and like to be pampered :)  Sign me up for facials, mani's and pedi's and of course, massages!  However, I have not had a massage in over 6 months...I was both unsure and scared of the whole 'getting a massage while preggers'...especially during the first trimester.

Well, I'm here to tell you...if you are in your second or third trimester (or even first), stop what you're doing and RUN to get a prenatal massage!  You won't be disappointed.  But there are some things to think about before you choose to get a massage while you are pregnant.  First, talk to your gynie and make sure it is OK for you to get a massage.  Most women will benefit from prenatal massage, but some might be at high risk, so always check with the doc first.  Secondly, do your research.  Don't just go to any massage parlor, salon, or the mall kiosk.  Find out if your therapist does specifically prenatal massages.  This is important.  If they do, they will have special techniques and special foam positioners to properly position you on the massage table for optimum support and comfort.  

This is where I was most intrigued.  I was thinking how the heck this massage was gonna go down with my big 'ol belly...obviously you can't lie flat.  Was there a hole in the table?  Do I lay on my side the entire time?  What about pressure points?  Yep, this was all swimming in my head as I pulled up to Back n' Balance Massage & Functional Training in Holt.  They include a great info page on their website that explains the benefits of pregnancy massage and answers a ton of questions, here!  

My therapist first positioned me on a sophia pregnancy pillow (which allows you to lay on your stomach, leaving room for your belly) while she massaged my back.  She let me know that because of pregnancy, my body is going through a whole bunch of changes (no kidding) and that she was going to be using a light pressure on me.  (OK, just make me feel good!).  Then, she had me flip over (which wasn't pretty) and place another pillow that looked like a foam wedge behind my back so that I was in a reclined position while she massaged my shoulders, head, arms, and legs.  End result = I was jello and felt amazing!

Again, do your research, if you find a place like this, GO!!  I highly recommend it.  I was more than delighted with my therapist, Julie Stevens.  If you go, ask for her....she's AMAZING.  Otherwise, make sure to find a place near your hood to get your pampering on :)

ENJOY this 'me time' now...because it's soon to end!  Talk to you soon! ~Stephanie


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