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Staying Stylish During Pregnancy

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OK, If you know me, you know I'm a bit of a fashionista.  I am not one to go crazy over fads, but I do take my wardrobe options seriously.  And since becoming preggers, it has been a bit of a struggle to keep my sense of style.

I mean, who the heck wants to dress in a Muumuu (except Jenny McCarthy...P.S. If you haven't read Belly Laughs - do it)?  I have had the luxury of going through my first 5 months so far in the Spring/Summer where I've been able to transition a lot of my pre-pregnancy summer dresses and wear them now.  My favorite pre-pregnancy piece that I'm still wearing now are maxi dresses with an empire waist.  I've snagged up a few at Target.  I love this plum maxi with ruffles to accent my ever-growing bust-line:

I've also embraced the long maxi skirt and tank top look.  The best are the ones with a "fold-over" waist that can be folded over to your own style and comfort at the time of your pregnancy.  I pair the skirt with a basic (non-maternity) tank from Target.  I am obsessed with Target's long and lean tanks.  I own them in pretty much every color of the rainbow.  This outfit I rocked at 20 weeks and still continue to love as a great work-to-play option:

Any dress that has an empire waist can make due during pregnancy (at least until I get REALLLY huge...stay-tuned for that fun).  Here is a pic of the hubby and I on our babymoon.  This colorful floral frock is another Target find (junior section) that I got for around $20.  If this was a maternity dress it would've been marked $80 - and I'm just not into that!  

So, take a look at your wardrobe and I promise you'll be able to make some of your pre-pregnancy clothes work for you during pregnancy!  

Side note:  I have purchased a few legit maternity items from Destination Maternity.  My fav's include black 'over-the-belly' cropped leggings, coral and blue cargo capri's, and of course black dress pants for a work option that is not a dress.

More on my ever-evolving bump style to come!  Hope you've found this helpful :)  ~Stephanie

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