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Every Woman Should Watch This

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Dove has been a long-time outspoken supporter of "real beauty".  Dove supports models of all shapes, sizes, ages, and skin tones.  We've seen the commercials.  They've taken the liberty to ditch the Photoshop re-touching tools and show us (real women) what real women look like.  

Now, they've taken it up a notch, and created this "unphotoshop" tool. Dove marketed it virally via Reddit as an automatic "beautify" tool that can be downloaded and used for free. When in fact, the tool really has the opposite effect:  it undoes Photoshop to reveal the original image.  Brilliant, if you ask me.  Check out how it works in the video above.

I've never been one of those "real skinny" girls.  As a long time fitness professional and active gal, I think of myself as a healthy and fit woman - but not skin and bones.  This girl's got some curves :)  I truly believe what Dove is doing will only help the awareness of this fake beauty epidemic and build upon our true real beauty.  The fact of being real is beautiful, right?

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