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Fall Chic: Black Brighton Bag

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Nothing says a change in the seasons like a new handbag.  A friend of mine recently started working for Brighton, so I have an added interest in the accessory company these days.  I have to admit, they've up'd they're style factor in my book.  Either that or I'm just getting older, but it's not just hearts and western stuff.  Brighton has some noteworthy items.  One being the black Fabiola Hobo bag featured below. 
I've paired it with some basic neutrals that any girl has tucked away in her closet:  a cream top, a pair of skinny jeans and some rocker heels is all you need to set off this fantastic chic bag from Brighton.  A look that will definitely take you from summer to fall (maybe even winter too!).
Fall Chic: Black Brighton Bag


Fall Chic: Black Brighton Bag by thrillermiller featuring hudson skinny jeans

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