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Tuesday Top Ten

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Everyone has those days.  You know the days that drag on...things just don't go your way...everyone else's life seems to be moving at a much faster rate than yours....days that you just need a pick-me-up.  For me that usually means a trip to Biggby for a reduced cal spotted owl.  But today warranted a bit more than that.  So I give you my version of a pick-me-up. 

My Tuesday Top Ten:

1.  All you dog lovers out there, you know you can relate:

2.  If you know me, this needs no explanation:

3.  Yes, wine does make everything better.

4.  Call me cat, kitty cat:

5.  For all you 'Hunger Games' fans out there...

6.  And then there was BACON.

7.  I always say this with the accent and hand gestures, cuz ya know, I'm Greek!  LOL:

8.  Just because it's true, don't lie:

9.  It's legit...

10.  Because what is better than LMFAO and Sparty?!

I hope this made you giggle just like me and maybe put a little bright spot in your day today and made you smile.  Have a great day!  ~Steph


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