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Part 1: Time to Plant Some Flowers

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Yes, it's June, and I know I'm a little behind in getting my flowers planted, but better late than never, right?  I'll tell ya, I sure do have my work cut out for me!  Not that I'm making excuses, but here's my excuse:  My husband and I bought our house last fall and we've been working our tails off getting it up to par.  Removing wallpaper (nightmare), ripping out carpet, all new appliances, etc.  Last winter we focused mainly on the inside, and this spring we had the entire exterior of the house painted. 

Between inside and outside projects on the house, plus a busy personal calendar (a million weddings), our landscaping and gardening has taken a back seat. 
Until now.  I am finally ready to plant some flowers!  I have to admit, the house looks great with a fresh coat of paint, but it needs some ooomph.  A little pizazz.  So I set out this week to buy some new pots to add to my collection.

I found some great looking pots at both Lowe's and Walmart.  This photo is from Lowe's.  All together I bought 8 new pots and 3 hanging baskets.  Add those to my existing collection and I'm at 16 pots!  Yikes, that's a lot of flowers.  But I'm super excited to get my hands dirty this weekend and plant. 

Today, I'm headed to Van Atta's to buy the flowers to put in my 16 pots.  I might need a pick-up truck for this haul, geeze!  I will keep you all updated on what I choose, my process and the finished stay tuned for future blog posts. 

I've done some research, but I'm the kind of gal that has to see, touch and arrange flowers and plants while I'm there.  You never know what new flower breeds or types of plants are out there until you see them for yourself.  And it's so much fun mixing and matching all of the colors, textures and heights. 

One thing I do stick to in all of my pot planting is the simple rule that was taught to me by Bridget Behe, Professor, Horticulture Marketing at MSU.  In every pot, you always need a 1) Thriller, 2) Spiller, and 3) Filler.

Happy planting!

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