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Free App Pick: My Fitness Pal

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I recently transitioned from an Android phone to the new iPhone 4S and have been flooded with App choices and suggestions from friends.  One app that a friend suggested to me was a free App called My Fitness Pal.  As a fitness enthusiastic, and a calorie-counter, I have become a tracking fool.  I am now officially obsessed.  My Fitness Pal is available for Android, iPhone, or on the web.

I started off using a web based program on, called The Daily Plate, which uses the same principal.  You enter in your height, weight, and weight loss goal, then track your daily calorie intake by searching and entering foods you have consumed throughout the day.  The great thing about the App is it's simplicity, plus it has a really cool feature that allows you to scan the bar code of a food product and track calories that way.

Another thing My Fitness Pal allows you to track is your activity level, or your fitness.  Enter in your workouts, walks, gardening, whatever you may do throughout the day and it will subtract the calories burned from your intake calories.  It keeps track and tells you how many calories you have left each day. 

My Fitness Pal is super simple to use, and at the touch of a finger, you can track that Biggby Reduced Calorie Spotted Owl (my new fav drink) which is only 146 calories for a tall, while you're waiting for the barrista to make it.

Check it out below:


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