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Top 5 Foods for Women's Health and Fitness

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We all know the saying, "We are what we eat", but sometimes it's hard to know what we should be putting in our bodies. 

I've been in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years, teaching group fitness classes and more recently Zumba® Fitness classes.  I'm not an expert, but do consider myself in good shape and an overall healthy woman.

I've done some research and here are my top 5 foods for women's health and fitness:

1)  Salmon - Not only is it great for heart health (a key in overall health & fitness), but it's high in omega-3's, which recent studies have shown to lessen belly fat.  So if you're looking to tone that mid-section, make salmon a regular part of your diet!

2)  Berries - Any type of berry will protect your muscles from free radicals, but obey this one rule:  the darker the color of the skin, the healthier the berry.

3)  Carrots - A single serving is only about 40 calories, and packed with complex carbs that give your muscles extra energy.  Plus, they're an easy grab-and-go snack.

4)  Cereal - More importantly whole grains.  Eating a balanced breakfast jump starts your metabolism and your muscles.  Whole grain cereal and fat-free milk are the perfect morning meal, or even pre-workout snack.  Just remember, you'll want to eat your snack 60 minutes before your sweat session.

5)  Eggs - There couldn't be a more perfect single serving food.  And DON'T skip the yolk!  Egg yolks are packed with iron and lecithin, both critical for brain health.  And not to mention protein!  One egg only comes in at around 70 calories and 6 grams of protein!

P.S.  These food are beneficial to men too!

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