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It's All Greek to Me

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You may not know, with my married name being Miller, but I am 100% Greek.  My maiden name, Valavanis, gives it away much better.  And I love being Greek.

While I was dating my now husband, it was a big joke in our house that I was marrying a boy named Arthur Miller...very similar to "My Big Fat Greek Wedding's" Ian Miller.  And the jokes still fly around the family to this day...

Here's one of my favorite parts of the movie:  

With Greek Orthodox Easter upon us this Sunday, it brought me back to thinking of my roots and how I was raised - Greek.  "Kalimera!" or "Good Morning" and "Yasou" meaning "Hello" or "Bless You", were heard around my house quite often.

However, the only use of Windex in my house was to clean the windows.  My Yiayia can attest to that.  Yiayia is the Greek word for Grandmother.  Speaking of Yiayia's...I have the most wonderful, amazing Yiayia in the whole entire world, and if you ask her I am "her girl".  {I'm all smiles now}

Anyways, Here's a bit of an insight into some Greek sayings for the upcoming holiday, Easter Sunday.

On Easter itself, "Christos Anesti!" or "Christ has risen!" will be on everyones lips.  And in return you would say "Alithos Anesti" which means "Truly he has risen".  Don't be surprised if you start hearing it at midnight.  You know us Greeks, we like to party!

During the 40 days of Lent, it's appropriate to "wish you a good lent" or "Kali Sarakosti".

Other sayings include, "Kalo Pashcha!" which means "Beautiful Easter (to you)".

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