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The Most Important Meal of the Day

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People are always asking me what I eat for breakfast because I am a vegan-- I cannot eat eggs, sausage, yogurt, coffee creamer etc. I know the importance of jump-starting your day with a healthy and filling breakfast, so I have found food alternatives that work perfectly for my diet and are not only are they good for me, they taste delicious as well. 

I thought I would share some of the different meals I make when I get up in the morning--- 

#1) MY FAVORITE: Tofu scramble! I eat this with a piece of gluten-free toast made from brown rice. 

#2) I paired a gluten-free english muffin with organic crunchy peanut butter and a chopped banana. (I was not able to finish this because it was so filling, so I brought half of it to work and ate it later as a snack!) 

#3) For this meal, I had a piece of gluten-free toast with organic crunchy peanut butter and a bit of raspberry jelly. I paired this with a small apple cut into slices and a small amount of dried fruit and nuts on the side! This meal kept me so full for a majority of the day-- I found myself only eating small meals and snacks as the day went on. 

#4) Another option for me is soy yogurt with fruit. I like the Silk brand, but sometimes I switch it up and get yogurt made from coconut or almond milk. The other day, I added rasperries, banana and oats to it. It was a great way to fill up before I started my busy day! 

Quick tip-- For my coffee, because I cannot have regular creamer and do not like artificial sweeteners, I use Silk brand soy creamer and Stevia. Stevia is a great, all natural way to sweeten drinks such as coffee or tea. It comes from a Stevia plant, helps lower blood pressure and blood sugar and is an overall great alternative!


All of these meals can be enjoyed by ANYONE-- even those who are not vegan! I hope you enjoy them! 

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