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Homemade Granola Bars

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I've always loved a good granola bar in the morning with my coffee, it's a delicious and easy way to start the day. I often found a lot of granola bars contain tons of sugar and ingredients that are not needed. So, I realized homemade granola bars are the way to go-- not to mention they're much cheaper & delicious! 

I stole this recipe from my sister because she always makes them and I am OBSESSED! 

Here is what you will need: 

1) 1 and 1/2 cups of rolled oats

2) 1/8 cup of chia seeds

3) 1/4 cup of golden flax meal

4) 1/2 cup of agave sweetener 

5) 1 cup of peanut butter 

6) A mixture of nuts and/or dried fruit (add as many as you'd like)

To prepare: 

1) Add all ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix well

2) Put saran wrap on a baking pan (preferable one with edges) 

3) Spread mixture evenly on pan and put it in the freezer


4) I like to wait overnight and then enjoy one in the morning! 


*Pairs great in the morning with coffee or at night for a little dessert with tea! 

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