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Vegan Starbucks

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Didn't think Starbucks was vegan? Think again! 

People are always surprised when I can still have many of the things I used to enjoy before going vegan--especially when it comes to Starbucks. It's true many drinks at Starbucks contain milk, chocolate or are topped with whipped cream. LUCKILY, a lot of drinks can be revised by substituting regular milk for soy milk and asking for no whipped cream or chocolate topping. 

My favorite non-dairy Starbucks drinks: 

-The soy green tea latte is so refreshing on a warm summer day (so definitely not ideal for the current weather, but awesome in the summer!) 

-Iced coffee with soy milk 

-Blonde roast coffee with a steamed soy topper

-Soy vanilla latte (no whip cream) 

Other vegan options: 

-Multigrain & plain bagel 

-Starbucks "perfect" oatmeal 

-Any plain coffee or iced coffee (add soy milk if you please) 

-Espresso machiatto with soy milk (no whip cream) 

-Caffe Latte with soy milk (no whip cream) 

-Cappuccino with soy milk (no whip cream) 

-Toffee nut latte with soy milk

-Coconut soy latte

-Peppermint soy latte-- YUM! 

-Raspberry soy latte

-Iced teas & lemonades (obviously!) 

A few quick tips:

-Unfortunately, the pumpkin spice latte is not vegan even without whipped cream and the substitution of soy milk

-The caramel drizzle/sauce is not vegan. However, the caramel syrup is!

-The java chips are not vegan, so avoid any drinks that includes those

-The cinnamon is made with butter (weird, I know) 


*This is not a complete list of everything that can be ordered vegan at Starbucks because the list goes on and on. This is just to get you started. Remember, never be afraid to ask the ingredients of something and use these drinks as a guide when you order your next vegan Starbucks :) 


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