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Way Less Calories, Way More Flavor

Tofu & Kale Tacos

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Everyone loves a good taco, or at least I do! So, after going vegan, I have always tried to find tasty alternatives to foods that I loved before changing my diet and lifestyle. 

Last night, I was craving something tasty and realized I had all the ingredients I needed to whip up a delicious taco dinner. I thought you guys might enjoy trying this out when your feeling like throwing a little Mexican in your life or just want to try something different. 



1) 2 100% whole wheat tortillas 

2) Kale and carrot mix (can be found in the salad section of the store) 

3) Salsa (I chose a black bean, but anything you like will work!) 

4) Half of an avocado

5) Half of a pepper (I used green, but any color works!) 

6) Lime juice

7) Cumin

8) Chili powder

8) Garlic powder or garlic salt (depending on what you like!) 

9) Extra Firm Tofu


1) Mix together 1 tsp. of chili powder and 1 tsp. of cumin in a small bowl. Then add 1 tbs. EVOO. Lastly, add a dash of garlic salt and mix together. 

2) Cut your tofu into 4 even slices.

3) Dip in your chili powder/olive oil mixture.

4) Put the slices of tofu on a pan to cook (make sure to flip the tofu so it gets evenly cooked on both sides.) Leave on the pan until golden brown. 

5) Slice and peel half of your avocado and chop into small pieces. Then chop half the pepper into tiny pieces. 

6) Combine the pepper and avocado in a bowl then add about 1/2 cup of your kale and carrot mix (as much as you'd like) along with a few dashes of lime juice. Stir! 

8) To finish, take a tortilla and put two slices of tofu on it. Add your avocado and kale mixture, then a bit of salsa. 

9) Wrap and ENJOY! 

*This serves about one or two people depending on how hungry you are! 

You could always add a small side of rice or veggies to make this a complete meal! :) 


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