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All Good Things Come to an End

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I can’t believe the time has come. Today is my last day as an intern for FOX 47 News. It is crazy to think that in just a week I will be going back up to Mount Pleasant to begin my SENIOR year at Central Michigan University. Everyone always says, time goes by so fast and I never truly believed that statement until now. It seems like it was just yesterday May 13 when I walked into the doors for the first time and took my chair as an intern. Being extremely nervous and not knowing what to expect, I was ready to get started and excited to see what lied ahead.

My summer spent as an intern as FOX has been one I will always remember. Although getting up early every morning was something I had to get used to (and still need to work on haha), I have learned so many valuable skills that I will take with me as I move on in my broadcasting career. I have also had the privilege of meeting and working with an amazing group of talented people who have taught me so much about the real world. Coming into this internship I wasn't sure what to expect but the outcome was something I am forever grateful for.

The experiences I have had here have been unlike any other.  I have had the chance to go cover feature stories with web content producer Jane and have shadowed in her footsteps on how to capture good video footage and how to take amazing photographs. I was also given the opportunity to attend Common Ground Music Festival and interview some amazing bands including the Barenaked Ladies! Without FOX 47, the closest I would have ever gotten to any of the performers is squeezed shoulder to shoulder width apart between a bunch of screaming fans in the audience. With that said, I can definitely say that without FOX, none of this would have been possible.

I guess the time has now come, the time I must say goodbye and pack up my desk that I have called my home now for the past few months. Lots of interns may say they are ready to leave and embark on wherever the next journey takes them. Although I look forward to what God has in store for me, I’m also sad to be leaving the FOX family. This may be my last day as an intern but I hope not the last time FOX sees me!

A huge and special thank you goes out to Stephanie Miller for giving me this amazing and rewarding opportunity and to Stefanie Pohl and Jane Sugiyama for placing me under their wings and teaching me everything they know! If not for these three ladies I wouldn't even be here…literally!

I hate goodbyes so instead I will say see you later. Thank you to everyone at FOX and I’ll be watching to see what great things you accomplish!

As they say all good things must come to an end but I know this isn't really the end, it is only just the beginning.

Your intern,


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