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How to Make the Most out of your College Experience

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Today as I sat in my intern chair, I leaned back and took a second to reminisce on this past summer. I thought about how much this internship at FOX 47 has benefited me and all the great memories I have made. As I sat there I also took note of the fact I will be returning to college next weekend for my final year. It is crazy to think this will be my last welcome weekend, my last homecoming, spring break, etc. I couldn’t help but feel sad but also overjoyed at how thankful I am to have been faced with many wonderful experiences and opportunities.

I then came across a list, a list of ways to make the most out of your college experience. As I read this list I not only was able to check many of these items off, but I was also able to look ahead and think,” I must complete some of these things before I graduate.”

Although some tend to be a bit  “out there,” I talked with some of my college friends and acquaintances and they thought this list was completely accurate.

Coming from, here is a list of things to make the most out of your college experience. Whether you’re a freshman, senior, grad student, or just someone wanting to look back on their college years, I encourage you to look through this list. See if you can recall any of these times and if they were in fact the best four years of your life.


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