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I Love the 90's

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I have to say, I am so thankful to have been a 90's kid. Although I was fairly young, I still have a lot of great memories I look back on and think, “ah those were the good ol’ days.” Now that we are in the year 2013, it is hard to think back to a time when DVD’s were once only VHS tapes. Or when you knew you were "cool" if you had the newest set of Gel Pens.

After taking a trip down memory lane, I found a bunch of old memories that I would like to share with you.


All of these images describe exactly what much of my childhood was like in the 90’s. See if you remember any of these things! 



Here's to never forgetting the 90's!


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Lansing, MI

Scattered Clouds
Scattered Clouds
WNW at 10 mph

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