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Let the Planning Begin

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If you are anything like me, you love planning events. I swear sometimes I should just be an event planner. I love everything to do with organizing, decorating, cooking and making sure whoever the event is for remembers it for the rest of their life.

Most of my family is already happily married while they all say I am next in line (at least as far as age goes, I am not planning on getting hitched anytime soon)!! Almost a year ago, my family received the news that my cousin Sara was engaged! As soon as word got out, the planning started to begin. My mother, who I dedicate my love of event planning to, decided that her and I were going to take on the role of throwing her an over the top bridal shower. With lots of ideas in mind but not sure what direction to take; I decided to do the only thing that made any logical since to me. Something that would give me countless ideas and never let me down; I logged onto

For those who are not familiar with Pinterest, stop everything you are doing and go create yourself an account. It is a pinboard-style photo sharing site that allows users to create photo collections based on a certain theme where they can then browse other pinboards for pictures. These pictures often lead to new ideas and inspirations for others to create themselves. It may in fact be one of the most addicting websites I have ever been on.

Before searching through Pinterest, I already knew of some things I wanted to include in this bridal shower. My mother and I already have a theme in mind and certain food and decor ideas. However, after searching keyword “bridal showers" into the search bar,  my ideas blossomed. Just take a look at some of these fabulous and fun pictures I came across. 



So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself an account, you'll be glad you did! Stay tuned for more of my finds and crafty ideas. 

From one happy pinner to another, 



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