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Don't Wish Your Life Away

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As a child my mother would always tell me “don’t wish your life away,” and I never really understood what she meant until now. You are only given one life to live and why waste your time wishing it all away. Life is like a clock and certain things are supposed to happen to you at certain times. When I was a little girl I wanted all of these things to happen all at once. Little did I know, if all of life’s adventures happened at the same time, what would there be to look forward to in the future?

As I have grown older I have realized one very important thing and that is that everything my parents have ever told me has always been right. When you’re a child, especially in your teenage years, you have the mentality that you know everything and that your parents are just out there to spoil all your fun. You may not realize it then but as you grow older you realize that they were always right. While this is one very important aspect I have learned, another important lesson I have discovered is that life goes on. 

I still have a lot of learning to do as I am still in my early 20's but I came up with a list of things I wish I would have known as a teenager that I now know today.

Who you were in high school is not necessarily who you will become. Back in high school it seemed as though everyone was assigned a role. You were either the nerd, jock, cheerleader, band get the idea. Once we leave the high school world, we discover that the roles we presently were assigned in high school, do not actually define who we are as people. The sooner one stops looking to define themselves, the sooner they have to ability to discover who they really are.

The people you meet are more important than the things you do. Everything good that happens in your life is often times the result of the people you have connected with along the way. I believe that personal accomplishments are wonderful but it’s the relationships that are made along the way that ultimately determine your level of happiness. 

You will not meet the love of your life at a college bar or rather any bar for that matter. If there is one thing I have learned throughout my college career it is that love will find you when it finds you. It’s an irony of life that those who go looking for love will never find it. The more a person tries to pursue love, the more it eludes you. Instead of looking desperate and spending all your time and what little money you have on hitting the club scene every weekend, spend some time working on yourself so that when you finally do meet the man/woman of your dreams, you will actually have something to offer them.

Take some time to reflect on where you are and where you want to go. At this point in your life you think you’re so busy and that nothing will ever slow down. You need to stop thinking about what your parents want and what your friends expect you to be. Find out what really matters to you and what you value in life. You need to realize that priorities change and what may be important to you at 18 will most likely not be the same to you at 30. Find something that you are passionate about and go after it. 

You are more likely to regret the things that you haven’t done than the things you have done. By this I mean experiment and take a step out of your comfort zone. It may seem scary at first but you need to challenge yourself. Like the saying goes, you never know until you try. 

Sooner or later you are going to have to stop eating junk. I know in high school it was perfectly acceptable to eat that Reese’s bar, bag of chips and can of Mountain Dew for lunch every day but eventually that is going to catch up with you. Back then you were still growing, involved in sports or maybe you were just one of the lucky ones who had or still has the metabolism of a racehorse. Maybe not today but someday you WILL realize you can’t continue to blame your mother for shrinking your clothes in the dryer.

There you have it, just some things I have come to realize in life and continue to realize as I live every day. Life is all about discovering who you are and enjoying every bump and curve ball it may through your way. You only live once but if you live it right once is enough. 

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