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At a Standstill

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My heart aches for residents along the east coast right now.  The images of cars being swept away or submerged by water, facades of buildings being torn off, and cranes toppled over in New York City are gut wrenching.  The images that really made me shutter were the ones that were empty:  Grand Central Station.  The Times Square Subway Station.  Manhattan with no lights.  It's odd and eerie to see a city that never sleeps at a standstill. Millions don't have power.  I was just there recently.  It's chaotic-- yet controlled...and that may be what I enjoyed the most-- the subway (the Times Square Station had a record store too).  People coming and going, the art, the grime...all of it together made it beautiful.  Now some of it-- the people, the lights, the scenes-- is gone-- and has been replaced with water.
That's okay, though.  Because the city will recover.  The city that never sleeps will again awaken.  You can knock out the power to New York City-- but you can't knock it down.  Yes, damage is estimated in the billions of dollars.  But the federal government, local governments, NYPD, NYFD, emergency crews, power companies, and everyone else-- you and me-- will respond to the challenge.  You know why?  Because that's what we do.  We help others when they need it most.  That's the spirit of America and what makes us so resilient.

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Lansing, MI

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