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Why should I advertise on local Broadcast television?

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Local television is the most powerful and influential medium available. Virtually every home in Mid-Michigan has one or more televisions. Over the air TV reaches everyone, whereas cable only reaches 63% of the Lansing/Jackson DMA. Plus, Mid-Michigan is one of the country's highest satellite markets. A full 25% of our market gets their TV from satellite. FOX 47 is in all of those homes and so will your commercial message. Your cable commercial will not be seen in satellite homes.

Television is the only medium that can bring together reach, frequency, impact, selectivity, targeting, efficiency, accessibility, availability, sight, color, sound, motion, emotion, and most importantly, a high return on your investment.

Our research tells us that television is the most influential medium, and more people learn about new products on TV than through any other medium, including newspaper and radio.

Why should I advertise?

Why should I advertise on TV?

Why should I advertise on local Broadcast television?

Why should I advertise on FOX 47 WSYM?

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